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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well now I am using the school's computer since my 'own' one is spoilt....


On Wednesday, our Perfection Sejarah teacher din come so the BM teacher ambil his masa

Den the BM teacher ask us to do one Tatabahasa (1-40) and one Ringkasan

After tat, The teacher just go out from the class

Throughout the (sort of) exam, Khairul always keep on "Mickey! Mickey!"ing...

Den he kept on asking me for answers

Later, after I finished my Ringkasan, Khairul then asked for my paper

Becoz this Ringkasan is abit difficult so I at first thought he only wants to see me answer so i just let him see my paper

After he sees my paper then he gave it back to me

Then, when the BM teacher come back, he bincang jawapan sambil checking our Ringkasan

After I got back my paper, I was bored so I just flip through the other boys' papers

when i flip to Khairul's paper...

His writting was soooo... ugly including how he writes his name~

(he writes everything messy)


Suddenly I and Esme saw something on his paper


OMG!!! He wrote mt name on his paper, and those writting are the best in his paper >///<

The word "SOOI SHENG PING" he writes it sooo... neatly!! >///<

Then when Esme saw it she say

"Perfection有人对Sooi Sheng Ping有感情了!"

and then I kept on "没有~!!!"

and Khairul he point at me and ask "What happen to her?"

And my face~from blushing red~until PURPLE~(this is what Esme and Vancy said!!)

And after this incident, at night only I understand why sometimes Khairul 不爽 me adi....


You know why sometimes he din talk or smile at me?

Bcz sometimes when he come/enter the class, he often see me chatting or argueing with the other 3 boys -> Patrick, Tiger, Khai Sun

And I think he is jealous of the 3 boys~

You know how I realize?

Because on Wednesday, my old friend -> Tan Yuen Huat(got confess to me b4 one) called me and chat with me

By incidence Patrick also know him so I asked Patrick about Yuen Huat

Suddenly I saw Khairul's face is abit "moody" and "not satisfied" and also looks "jealous" and he is some kinda "不爽me"(???)

So I think he is "jealous" of me so he wont talk/smile at and bcz he want to make me feel "jealous" so he talk to Sally....


だから I feel like とっても Happy だ!!!!

Smile always | 00:35