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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tears and Smile by Yabu & Hikaru..

Their harmonies blend nicely with each other!
Ya-Ya-yah is forever!!
I heard from Kami-chan that Shoon has signed out from Johnny's...
I feel sad, yea, because, I started to watch Ya-Ya-yah for, like, 4-5 years ago.
I think I am kinda missing Shoon, don't I?
And, now, I think Ya-Ya-yah is officially closed, for good(?)
So, I just hoped that Yabu & Hikaru can do well in Hey!Say!JUMP...

Jaa, oyachumi-nya~

Smile always | 23:06

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Poor Keito, he fell two times during the shooting..
And the other HS7 members were laughing at him especially Yama-chan and Yuto!!

Smile always | 20:22

During the literaure class, we read Tonight I Can Write by Pablo Neruda.
"Love is short, but forgetting is so long" was the sentence that touches my heart.
I admit that I still think of him.
3 months. Short.
2 years. Long.
AnQi's bebe asks me one day, that whether I still like Khai Soon or not?
Should I say yes?
Or should I say no?
When I saw this question, I asked myself
"Kin-chan.. Khai Soon or Khairul?"
Yea.. I still couldn't forget about Khairul.
Although we are separated and can never be together again.
My classmate, Farahin, told me this Monday, that she saw Khairul at Perfection on Saturday.
So I lied to her that he told me he that saw her on day that too.
And Farahin was kind of happy and excited.
I felt so jealous.
I don't know why.
I always had the feeling that Farahin likes Khairul. (Or maybe she really does?)
Because the first thing she said to me during the re-open of the school was
"Hey, Sooi~ How much A's did Khairul get? Did he enter Science?"
And I was feeling irritated.
I feel like hating Farahin.
But I couldn't, she is a good friend.
I told AnQi that if Khairul and Farahin got together, maybe I'll cut off my friendship with Farahin forever..
Am I too selfish to do this?
Okay, back to the topic..
I no longer love Khairul, that's certain, but maybe I still love him?
I feel that I m so ironic now..
My first love must not be like that..
But the reality tells me, that, THIS IS THE TRUTH.
Dreams were crashed (?)

Smile always | 02:44

Monday, March 1, 2010

This is a phrase said by Kawa-chan in Prince of Tennis..
Now, I am saying this because my body's B~U~R~N~I~N~G!!!
The weather at Malaysia is just TOO HOT!!!
The hottest weather in my life!! Honestly..
One of my band senior fainted today during the practise.
(Who wouldn't faint when marching for, like, 2 hours under the HOT SUN??)
I was about to faint at that time too~
Yay!! I added Micchi on FB! I never expected that she'll approve my request..
And.. Haru's going back to Japan.. And he might not contact with us anymore..
I'll sure miss him!! ><
- Poker Face (Lady Gaga)
- Best Friend (Nishino Kana)
- Eternally (Utada Hikaru)
- Baby Don't Cry (Amuro Namie)
**Best Friend is a RnB song, which I am NOT familiar too.. T^T Yabai..**
**Poker Face.. Too many effects.. Need alot of time..**
**Eternally? FREAKIN' HIGH NOTES.. Bleh..**
**Baby Don't Cry is.. Umm.. Sort of.. QUITE old song already??**

Smile always | 23:05