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Friday, January 29, 2010

I had cocoon in my throat..
Because of this, they made my voice turn FLAT FLAT FLAT..
Because of this, I couldn't sing..
Because of this, I am forced to control myself (not to dub & talk too much)

Not just me, my MOM, too, had cocoons..
How come??

Smile always | 22:55

This song is so very touching!!
I heard this when watching a fanvid of Sato Takeru and Nakamura Yuichi..
And the lyrics~ They are so beautiful!!


Although I am OFF sometimes, but I hope it is not too OBVIOUS.. ^^|||
(I suck at high notes..)
* BUT please watch until the end, I added something at the end! *

Recommended to han and Xin Ci again!!!
Do not GIVE UP ya!!
~Love is Precious~

Song: Mamoritai ~White Wishes~
Singer: BoA
Dubber: ariokakinchan94 (me)
Its the end, I thought on that day long ago
But now I can say it was the start of when I began to fly

Your warmth spreads out into my palm and chest
With our hearts as one we search for our destination

I want to protect you
Like you protect me
Even when we cant be together
Every second that passes
Only makes us stronger

As we watch the stars cuddle in the vast night sky
Tomorrow is born beyond this precious day

I want to cherish the air that flows between us
My heart opens up and my tenderness grows

I wont forget
How we both share
Each others warmth like this
I feel only one source
Illuminating the future

Softly melting away
The sadness that snows down

I want to protect you
Like you protect me
Even when we cant be together
Every second that passes
Only makes us stronger

I wont forget
Ever since I met you
Ive believed my wish to be a better person
Will come true
Thats why
I want to protect it all

I want to protect it all


I do not own ANYTHING except for my VOICE and the PIC..
Comment nya~

Smile always | 22:01

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I love the Blue Skies..





















Smile always | 19:52

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bloody Monday season 2 is starting tomorrow (23 Jan), night 7 pm.
Definitely gonna watch that.

Oyachumi nya~

Smile always | 22:41

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My house was black out since 6pm!!!
Thanks to this I don't couldn't do mah hw nor pack my bag for tomorrow...

Smile always | 22:07

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ah, I am fed up!
they are so tiring!
But ne, thanks to EAK and Arts Club because i don't have attend band practice!

Smile always | 16:49

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh my Gosh, it is so hot today!
So I spent the whole day watching Bloody Monday byharuma and takeru.
And it was extremely cool and spine-chilling!!
And Takeru's just so cute! i love him!
Otoya-kun daichuki!!


School Updates:

Yes, my studies are quite fine for the time being.
But BIOLOGY is torturing and killing me (they make me go insane!!)
You know I sucks at memorizing and therefore I couldn't even remember the names for the particles or the cells!
But then,, I love Additional Maths and Literature!
it is great to feel the satisfaction when you can solve a math question easily!
And Literature class is just FUN!!
We were learning about "Cinderella Girl" lasy week and we started to talk about GUYS!

I also join the SEA Tournament Club (something to do with debating), my school's magazine club in the graphics section, my school's Art club in the Chinese Calligraphy section, and School Band of course.

Gah, it's gonna be a busy year for me!


Song Updates:

i have been listening to Kuroki Meisa's Wasted, it is a nice song, the rhythm is great and Kuroki's so hot and pretty!!
I am also learning the son You Were.. by Ayumi hamasaki.
I hope I can dub as soon as possible although my school homeworks are always dragging and distracting me..
There are tons of homeworks!!! (8>o<8)

Smile always | 11:03

Yeah, it's Sunday!!
My parents just gone out for exercising and the Metropolitan Park near my school...
So, I got some chance to use my computer!! XD

Today's Vancy's birthday!!
Happy Birthday, Vancy!!
Dreams Come True!!

Okay, umm, I am speechless now..
I think it's gonna be a boring Sunday today...

I wonder why the internet just became so fast!!
Maybe it's because it's early in the morning??

Smile always | 09:04

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well, I haven't read new JUMP's doujin's for a looooooooong time...
I have to admit that I AM a Fujoshi.
And I have this interest in doujin's...
For example..

Mah Fav. is Hikaru x Arioka pairing..

And Yuichi x Takeru pairing..

Yea, I know it's a bit kinda psycho when you get into this (This is what my friends say)
But, SO WHAT?? I just looove them! And I don't think it harms anyway...

When Dai-chan and Hikaru were going to school and hanging out somewhere else~

Smile always | 21:00

Monday, January 11, 2010

This ain't any pictures found on the internet, it IS my sis and MY bedroom.
Yea, I know, my room is EXTREMELY messy.
This is why my mom keeps on nagging me to clean up my bedroom.
(And I think I no need to show my Library then, it's the MOST messy on EARTH)
Maybe I will clean my room by CNY??

Yea, I keep (not keep, I mean, throw) ALL my things, MP4, MP3, Camera, Hand phone, Bag, Make-ups, dolls, EVERYTHING beside my bed.

 And my clothes all over the place...


Jaa, OYACHUMI nya~

Smile always | 22:57

It's raining now.
I never like the RAIN...
They made my shoes wet AGAIN...

Smile always | 16:23

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I always feel stupid, for always cooperating with other and trying not to offend them.
I feel more stupid, when I was in between two friends who were chatting GOD-KNEW-WHAT and wasn't able to join their chats.
I feel the most stupid, when the people whom I thought were my friends are the ones telling me "Sorry wor.. We're out of space liao.." during group works.
They always say Sooi is a nice friend.." but to me, I think their O.S will be ".. Caz you are the one I can take advantage of.."
I feel left out.
I feel lonely.
I have NO true friends.
I used to have them, but they all left for other friends.
For me, my world is just my Blog, YouTube, freshnet, MP4 and my drawing block.
People can easily betray you because they are afraid of loneliness and they can easily kick you out of their lives.
Yea, I don't blame them.
But, why me?
Why not the girl you said you hate the most?
Why do you prefer to talk with the girl you hate the most than to talk with me?
Am I really unwantable?
I just want a heart-knowing friend who is always with me and in the same class with me.
Unfortunately, she is in Arts Streme.
I knew a friend who is always lonely at home.
But I see that he has friends always there for him.
I want that too.
We're both Gemini, our birthdates are just one day different.
Why is it that I can't have friends like he does?
Sometime I feel to have Shugo Chara Eggs to protect my heart and dreams.
I always smile in front of them but at last, my smiles are getting unnatural because no one even care to notice my presence.
I feel left out.
I realy feel unwanted.
L just want to have friends, why can't I?
3R, The Royals, 3ST..
I don't think I belong to any of them.

Smile always | 13:05

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well, this is their 9th single~
I am gonna dub this song as soon as I recovered~
It gives me a kinda Indian style~
Oyasumi nya~

Smile always | 21:12

And it is torturing when you can't even to sing when you really want to sing..
So, I just planned my fandub schedules during this period:
1) Easy Breezy by Utada (requested by Yuen Chieh)
2) Omakase Guardian by Shugo Chara (requested by Rei)
3) Uso by SID (mah favorite anime theme song~)
4) Re-record Shiawase no Kane by alan (I sang it when I got a cold before)
5) Finish my lines for groupdubs/duets/trios (Minna no Tamago, Seishun Amigo, Miso Soup, Yong Yuan Zai Shen Bian..)
6) Eternally by Utada (requested by Yuen Chieh AGAIN..)
7) Again by YUI (This song is so COOL)
8) Learn Shugo Chara songs (kinda addicted to Shugo Charas now..)
9) Learn Sato Takeru songs (Just fell for him ^^)
I couldn't wait for mah voice to recover~ Mou~

Yea, I'm starting school, and I think I am going to be busy for a couple of days from now onwards..
I have to start my folios, homeworks, tuition.. (Tsukare nya~)
But the most tiring is definitely the BAND practise..
Caz we are going to parade for Sports day, and we are going to manage our formations and all..

Jaa nya~ 

Smile always | 20:26

Monday, January 4, 2010

I bought 15 dvd's from Taiwan,  and one of them is Bloody Monday by Miura Haruma and Mr Brain by Kimura Takuya.
And in both of this dramas, Sato Takeru was in.
What I wanna say is that, I think I like Takeru!!!

But ne, I still LOVE Dai-chan, it's just that they're not the same type~
Okay, if this bores you, GomenNya~

Smile always | 19:37

Kin-chan here..
So! Today is Monday, School Day, and Hell's Day!!!
Because, when I got to school, all form 4s don't know their respective classes..
And, assembly starts, After that, the teachers started deciding us(Science students) into four Science classes, RANDOMLY!!
And at last, I am in 4 Science 3!!
But Hoyan, Jocey, Yuen Chieh, YaPoh, and the friends I wanna be in the same class were not in the same class with me!!!
Fortunately, AnQi and Tsu Sin was!! (Yokatta nya~)
Umm, yeah, I have a SHOCKING news..
Form 4 sudents this year are using the new sillibles of Eng and Malay literature!!! (NO WAY!!)
Maa, I guess I HAVE TO really study hard for this year, and next year..
Ganbare nya~



Smile always | 19:12

Saturday, January 2, 2010

School's tomorrow!!
Maa, I had two feelings..
One is "Eeeeh~?! School again?? Pn. Parimala again!!!"
and another one is "Yosh~ I look foward to my new classmates!!"
Actually, I like to go to school (if those teachers and girls aren't around), because I can have fun with my friends there too!!
And, I am already fed up with the boringness of HOLIDAYS...
But this means that I may have some "Singing Yasumi (Singing 休み)"s...
I wonder when will my next Dub start??
I still have finish my requests from others.. And Groupdubs and Duets and Trios!!
It will be very very isogashii and I WILL try to cope with that... (=w=)
You know, I still have wishes not to be in the same class with SOME people.. (like (codes): YouTube and her gang...)
I really really DO hope to be in the same class with The Royal Family.. Haruko (Yuen Chieh).. and my Best Friend AnQi!! (sometimes I really hate to take Chinese classes because Ii couldn't be with them and it makes me feel estranged from them.. T^T)
Maa, I'll leave this to God..
I hope I won't be that unlucky to be in the same class with the people I dislike...

Smile always | 23:17