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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

9 more days left for 2010!!
And also my 1st Year Single Anniversary!! xP
Yes.. The single is mean is not the SINGLES released by artistes..
It is the SINGLE which means YOU ARE BOYLESS.... T^T
Yup! I didn't have any boyfriends throughout this year, although the are rumors about my crush-kun and me at my tuition place... (I acted silly, but actually I was Cho~ Ureshii~ in my heart..)
Maa, about my love story..
There are still guys who had a crush on me this year..
But unfortunately, one is from INDONESIA, one is from SPAIN, one from Singapore, and others (from FS and FB which come from all kinds of places and schools..)
But ne, I don't have feelings for boys easily..
Okay! Stop my boring randoms..
Let's talk about my first love!!
My first love is on year 2008, when I was 14 years old..
My first guy is a Malay-Chinese guy, called Khairul...
And my, he is an absolute ikemen!! (he looks like Ayukawa Taiyo and the singer Hirai Ken.. kyaa~)
And it all started with a Chair-Fight between both of us.. (ya, i know that it may be abit childish..)
De, one day I saw my name written by him in his homework by the Malay tuition teacher.. (and he kinda admit that he had a crush on me)
During that time, I had a crushon him too!
Then we began to send instant messages to each other daily! (until my mom nags me to bed and asks me why did the phone bill suddenly increases)
One day, I sent a wrong message to him (the message was supposed to be sent to my best friend, Anqi..) and so at night he asked me "Hey, who's the guy you like??" which made me connfess to him!! (kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....) And I became crazier when he writes "Actually... I... I also... Like... YOU!!!" (I am Crazy in Love~~)
And one day he asked me to be his Girlfriend!! (and I accepted)
But then, I thought that everything will be SHIAWASE nanoni...
I broke up with him after 3 months..
Why? Loneliness... And loneliness... And loneliness...
So I tell him I wanna break up with him and thats all!
I hurt him...
Hai hai~ Time for bed.. It's 1:33a.m now (wow!!)
Oh they're playing Yamapi's  Loveless on TV!!! XD
Oyasumi ne~

Smile always | 01:37