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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I always feel stupid, for always cooperating with other and trying not to offend them.
I feel more stupid, when I was in between two friends who were chatting GOD-KNEW-WHAT and wasn't able to join their chats.
I feel the most stupid, when the people whom I thought were my friends are the ones telling me "Sorry wor.. We're out of space liao.." during group works.
They always say Sooi is a nice friend.." but to me, I think their O.S will be ".. Caz you are the one I can take advantage of.."
I feel left out.
I feel lonely.
I have NO true friends.
I used to have them, but they all left for other friends.
For me, my world is just my Blog, YouTube, freshnet, MP4 and my drawing block.
People can easily betray you because they are afraid of loneliness and they can easily kick you out of their lives.
Yea, I don't blame them.
But, why me?
Why not the girl you said you hate the most?
Why do you prefer to talk with the girl you hate the most than to talk with me?
Am I really unwantable?
I just want a heart-knowing friend who is always with me and in the same class with me.
Unfortunately, she is in Arts Streme.
I knew a friend who is always lonely at home.
But I see that he has friends always there for him.
I want that too.
We're both Gemini, our birthdates are just one day different.
Why is it that I can't have friends like he does?
Sometime I feel to have Shugo Chara Eggs to protect my heart and dreams.
I always smile in front of them but at last, my smiles are getting unnatural because no one even care to notice my presence.
I feel left out.
I realy feel unwanted.
L just want to have friends, why can't I?
3R, The Royals, 3ST..
I don't think I belong to any of them.

Smile always | 13:05